54 1.2 Ibiza won't start - Oil light

54 1.2 Ibiza won't start - Oil light

Postby bigkrish on Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:43 pm

Hello All

My 1.2 seat ibiza has had a continuous issue. The oil light has been flashing on and off for months now and I have had a rattley engine. First time it happened, I immeidiatly topped up the oil, but that still didn't stop the issue. Took it to the garage and he didn't seem to think there was an issue.

Recently, I have been getting three loud beeps with the oil light flashing red. Today I drove to work, and when popping out for lunch the car refused to start.

I've had it towed to the garage, all spark plugs working etc. He thinks it may be the timing may have gone. Has anyone else had the rattley engine syndrome along with the flashing oil light?


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