seat CORDOBA heater relay sensors?

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seat CORDOBA heater relay sensors?

Postby minilandrover on Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:46 pm

Hello, i have a 1996 seat cordoba diesel. all was going fine untill the glow plugs all failed!!! i tested them and they were all dead,burnt out, so i fitted four new ones and put a test lamp in circuit to see what was happening :idea: . when the ign is turned on the starter relay heats the plugs and after a few secconds the heater light goes out "normal" yep but the heaters are still being fed with 12 volts. even when the engine is started the glowplugs are still powered up. so i changed the relay. and guess what? it still does the same thing :roll: , so for now i have wired up a relay to a push switch to manually heat the plugs before starting. works fine :D ... but why does the standard 142 relay tell me the engine is ready to start but keepon heating the plugs. i dare not leave the unmodified relay in place as it will burn out another set of glowplugs. any idears anyone? also the clock seems to be resetting all the time ???? nothing to do with the first problem, i think, :? but strange just the same...or has the car caught a bad case of gremlins??? :twisted:
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