1.6 tdi or 1.2 tsi? mainly short journeys

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1.6 tdi or 1.2 tsi? mainly short journeys

Postby cypher007 on Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:05 am

recently gave up on buying an Audi A5 2012 2.0 TDI, due to the fact it had been updated by VW, I was told by some owners it wouldn't like my daily drive to work, and to get a working car id have to remap it and remove the dpf. well as it was £12k I haven't got anything left to spend on remaps. plus I recon the might make the dpf function part of the MOT.

so with this in mind what are my options for an economical and trouble free car?

my work run is about 2.5 miles highway speeds 2.5 town, with maybe one 30 mile round trip at weekends at mainly highway speeds.

I currently run an old 2003 1.9TDI its done 121k but its reliable. and with the black smoke map not bad. but its costing me £135 a year road tax and returns about 45mpg on my work run. on a highway run it will manage about 65mpg the way I drive eg slow 56-60 mph.

ive looked at both 108 1.2 tsi and 104 1.6 tdi which appear to offer advantages in lower tax and for the diesel better economy.

now I know we haven't got a crystal ball but whats the GOV likely to do to diesel's? I don't want to buy a TDI and then get whacked for higher road tax.

the TSI looks ok but economy seems very weak compared even to my old Leon.

on my daily drive would the TDI start giving grief due to the DPF? as I like the economy it offers when we go further afield.

has the VW update caused as many problems or could cause problems down the road, as it has done for the 2.0 TDI's?

I plan to keep this car for maybe 8 years+.
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