Seat leon 2018 DSG clicking sound

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Seat leon 2018 DSG clicking sound

Postby Orbi on Thu May 21, 2020 7:12 pm

Good evening,

I'm gonna explain a little bit what's happened before. I have Seat Leon 2018 DSG.. I noticed that rpm were going up about 200-400 rpm right before shifting. I went to the service, they found a problem in the clutch itself, it was slipping, so they replaced it. Soo.. I picked up my car and noticed, that some strange sound appeared only when i'm accelerating. Very quiet clicking(before clutch swap I did not heard anything), and sometimes louder one, each 7-15 second. They checked it again a few times, clutch itself and gear box, tested the car, but couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with it.. Even though they heard it, but couldn't identificate where it comes from. Any ideas whats can happen? BTW the car was repaired and checked at SEAT official service.

Hope you can understand what I wanted to say.
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