Ibiza mk4 fuel pump whine and ignition switch issues

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Ibiza mk4 fuel pump whine and ignition switch issues

Postby whiteecomotion on Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:13 am

Hi All, I have just bought a highish mileage but incredible condition 2010 1.2 ecomotion Ibiza (Mark 4?) as a cheap run around (no road tax and an mpg regularly over 70mpg).

It has a couple of niggles that I want to sort out and before I run off to reinvent the wheel I thought I would join up here to see if the issues have come up before for others (and what the fix was).

Firstly, It has a loud whine from the fuel lift pump in the rear and also an OBD code that suggests intermittent low fuel pressure (yellow glowplug warning light flashing).

I'm going to replace the tank pump and sender unit but there are a number of units shown on Autodoc with a wide range of prices. I know that for some things the cheap ones are not worth the money but some others can be. Is there a favoured replacement?

Secondly, the ignition switch is hard to turn with the insides of the barrel feeling loose, it takes several attempts of key in and out and turning key and wheel before it will get to the run positions.

Thank you for reading this far and for any assistance you can give me.

Cheers, Peter.
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