Failed turbo actuator

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Failed turbo actuator

Postby roadrunner86 on Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:34 am


Been having an issue with my 2014 FR184. It kept coming up air leak P2279. Took it to my local VAG specialist and he found the egr to be knackered. Got that and a dpf delete because why not. Fine for around 2 months and then starts again. In limp mode, same code but only seems to be under load in 5th or 6th gear and I get a shudder (this may be clutch related but have read overboost can cause this) took it in again and after "extensive" investigation he has narrowed it down to a faulty actuator. Apparently the actuator can't be replaced itself, it needs to be the entire turbo and for the new turbo and the cost to fit I have been quoted just over 2 and a half grand. Question is, is this legit? Or can the actuator be replaced itself? Don't want to be throwing thousands at the thing if I don't need to. Also would sticky vanes cause the actuator to stick and if it was woould I need to defo replace the turbo. Any insight would be great. TIA
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Re: Failed turbo actuator

Postby actionjoe on Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:50 pm

Hi @roadrunner86,

Did you manage to get your actuator sorted? I have a Leon 1.6 TDI SE 2013 and apparently I have the same issue.

I found in Feb the actuator had died - the spring inside had failed and so it didn't move properly so the car went into limp mode throwing a P0234, P2563 and P00AF00.

VW mechanic diagnosed with a leaking N75 and G581 (actuator) failed spring. I proceeded to replace the N75 and tried to find an actuator but stumbled across the same issue you have that they are only sold when attached to the turbo. There is no official part that can be sold separately. For reference, my actuator has the following Garrett code on the vacuum box: 794080-53 which I believe translates to the VAG part of 04L198716A, which is discontinued. See attached screenshot from TPS who kindly helped me.

Does anyone else know of a replacement actuator for the 04L198716A that would fit my model Leon? I know they still make the turbos and actuators, so there must be a way to get your hands on them without buying a whole turbo. @roadrunner86, do you have the model number for your actuator?

Since Feb, I've tried all sorts (with lockdown I've barely driven the car) but I'm still stuck on this and don't fancy a new turbo.

I know the actuators have to be calibrated on install - this seems fairly easy compared to sourcing one as it seems!
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