Seat Leon FR 2020 model - air con recall

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Seat Leon FR 2020 model - air con recall

Postby smallcoder on Mon Feb 08, 2021 8:33 pm

Just new to the forum so wanted to pass on some info regarding the brand new Seat Leon FR.

I love the car's looks, driving and interior but the tech is another whole story (it sucks to be honest but I won't go into it here - just to say "Bring back knobs and switches ffs") about how EVERYTHING has to be done via the sodding touchscreen.

The issue I wanted to let folks know about is that there is a recall on the Leon FR model for a problem with the climate control/air con system.

Basically, I would have the same temperature set for driver and passenger, but the passenger side was arctic-level cold, while the driver's side was like having a hairdryer in your face.

Contacted dealership (note that they didn't contact me) and they said "Oh yeah, there's a recall on that".

Recall reference is 87G7 and my model is the 1.5TSI FR 130bhp (70 plate) so if anyone out there is having the same issue, might be worth calling the dealership and seeing if it needs fixing as not sure how many different models it effects.

As for the infotainment system... not impressed so far. Awful User Interface and dangerous to use when driving IMHO but your experience may vary.
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