SEAT Forum - Updated

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SEAT Forum - Updated

Postby Jae on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:08 pm


The Seat Forum has been updated in the following ways....

1. New Layout - same concept as the old, just slightly different. Rotating images in the header.
2. New Forum Software - updated to PHPBB 3.0.4, latest and most secure version.
3. New URL - you will notice that the URL has automatically been changed to - why, to bring it in line with its market, the UK. Dont worry, the old URL ( will still work!!
4. Some mods have been added to enhance things a little, these will continue to flow into the site.
5. You car as the Star - we're running an ongoing competition to get your Car Picture into the header of the Forum. Submit your pics and should they be selected, you'll be up in lights at the top of the page.
6. User pruning, this will trim the inactives who have not visited in the last x number of years, in order to "cleanse" our database of stale records.

To follow:

1. Reorganisation of the Forums, some will go altogether, some will be merged, some will grow.
2. New Moderators will be invited on board
3. New sections to be added to the Website as a whole (News and a Home page for starters)
4. A Garage - yes, we will have a garage here so you can show your car, with pics, to everyone on the forum. Includes rating!



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