Organising Local Meets + Rolling Road Days

Fancy meeting up with fellow SEAT owners? This is the place to arrange it, small or large meets and anyone can run one.

Organising Local Meets + Rolling Road Days

Postby truCido on Wed Jan 10, 2007 4:15 pm

Local Meets

If your interested in organising a local meet then please let me know. I can get a mail sent out to people that are in your local area and hopefully get a bit more interest in them.

Local meets for us are usually more of a social gathering and a good chat / beer / game of pool / chat about cars etc rather than just standing around in a car park, looking at huge spoilers and bumpers.

Rolling Road Days

Also likewise for events like Rolling Road days, contact me and I'll get a mailer sent out, a good example of this is the recent A&S Rolling Road event where I sent a mail out and the interest in the event doubled in a day!!

When organising a Rolling Road day try to organise it at a reputable garage, maybe somewhere you've been before and thought had good facilities. We have had some rolling road days where the facilities of the garages have not been up to scratch and the cars and people could of been at risk however thankfully nothing came of it.

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