Churning noise after engine heats up - Ibiza 2011 1.2 TDI

Churning noise after engine heats up - Ibiza 2011 1.2 TDI

Postby djs296 on Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:00 pm


I recently bought a 61 plate Ibiza Ecomotive 1.2TDI, which is running fine other than a intermittent churning noise after a journey 30 mins+. Some things I noticed:
- It only makes the noise when the engine is running and seems to increase when I rev the engine
- I can only hear it from inside the car, assuming the engine noise just drowns it out outside
- It seems to be coming from the bit circled in the attached photo (would appreciate if anyone could help me with what this is)
- Doesn't seem to impact the performance, but I've noticed it's taking less time running the car before it starts making that noise

I have booked in with a garage next week, but wanted to get an idea if anyone has experienced similar before, and if anyone can help identify that part circled in the image.

Thanks in advance
Noise seems to come from around this area
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