TIP for lease/PCH users ref cheap tyres

TIP for lease/PCH users ref cheap tyres

Postby jonnyenglish on Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:44 pm

I'm driving a 2011 Leon Copa 1.6D on a PCH deal.

I've always had arguments with the lease company regarding tyres. In the past they've charged me for tyres replaced when not at 3mm tread or below. I've come to reluctantly accept that argument by being much more savvy with the tyre depots I use; I always insist that NO tyre gets changed by the depot without MY approval because I once got stung for the cost of a new tyre after they put a newish tyre down as having a side wall puncture despite the RAC patrolman insisting that my tyre had only been let down by a vandal and me driving the ten miles to the tyre depot after he'd inflated it!

Anyway now on to the latest thing...
My car is now in its last three months of the contract and had two tyres down to the wear indicators. No matter what I did or said I was not able to persuade them to fit a named brand of tyre so now I'm doing my usual daily drive of about 200 motorway miles a day on ROADSTONE tyres - a budget Korean brand that have mixed reviews at best.

I have some sympathy with the leasing company as they asked the approval cantre to fit the cheapest premium tyre however the approval centre refused, saying that during the last three months of the contract they are advised to only fit budget tyres.

So to cut a long story short, I've updated my will and told my partner of my concerns in case the worst should happen. The moral of this story is: get your tyres replaced if they need it AT LEAST four months before the contract period is completed! The next PCH I undertake will NOT include tyres.

It's not much fun driving a great, fun car and not having any confidence on the rubber it sits on - especially going into the deepest of British winters!
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