No boost problem

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No boost problem

Postby Graeme2430 on Mon Jul 05, 2021 1:49 pm

HI guys,

I am new to the forum and a 2004 alhambra 1.9tdi owner which i have owned for only 3 months and i have a problem with no boost at all, the reason for this was, i bought the car in may and and on the drive home all was good around town drove perfect until it got on the motorway and under acceleration the car would lose boost and crawl uphill unless i flicked the key off and on then all good again so i replaced the boost control valve and all was great until last week when the bottom
intercooler hose split and made a hell of a hissing noise and lost power, no smoke from the exhaust and still drove the 2 miles home very slowly, ordered a new pipe online came on saturday and now i no power/boost at all i have checked all the pipes and hoses for leaks and even tried the old boost valve but no joy.

could any of you knowledgable people give me any help or sugestions on what it may be please?
could it be stuck in limp mode although there is no engine managment light on?

any help with this would be gratefully appreciated.
Many Thanks
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