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hi there, i am new to the site and just brought a seat altea 1.4 tsi 2010, the car drives lovely but i do have one problem. The thing is as i stop at traffic lights and engine is idling, it drops low and lower to it to cut out, then i need to restart the engine which starts first time on key. i have checked the dtc's but only had a fault code p0106 once. i have taken it to my local garage for a vacuum leak check and came back ok, no leaks found. i have changed the lambra sensor 1 but no different. i have looked at the fuel trims and the short trim was reading ; -25% and long trim was reading -4.7% so looking like my engine is running rich.
has anyone had this problem and could it be the fuel pump relay module which is on top of the fuel pump in the tank?
need some help asap because i am taking it on holiday soon.
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