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For those of you that didn't know, last week I sent an email to the owner of ************* and offered to bury the hatchet with regard to arguments and bits and pieces.

I did get back some very complimentary replies from Pipsqueek and Stu who are active members of both sites and I thank them.

However on the downside, nobody else including the owner had the decency to reply and I also got a couple of silly emails from one particular moderator.

As I have said in the e-mail, ALL Members of ************* are allowed to register and all I ask is for no silly names as I will delete them, come in as who you are on *********

I have already allowed and left a plug for the site in the "plug your site section" And It will remain there as long as ours does on *************

I dont mind freindly banter about sites etc etc but any direct attacks including my own will be deleted.

I have certainly made my efforts to move on and get on with pluggng the brand and I hope that others can do this as well.

Many thanks for your time.

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Nice to hear, lets hope that we are all adult enough to forget the past and move forward and concentrate on what we are all interested in. Cars and in particular Seat cars.


Barry (real name)

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Bury the hatchet and move on chaps... Nice to see.

Hopefully no behind the scenes emails/PM's/U2U's will happen either.

Rock on and onward!! :D :D :D


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Lol, cmon Barry we have had fun in the past and I am glad that most of us are all talking again, my hat has been getting a bit dusty!

As far as I am concerned it should all be it now and as long as we all play the game Bobs Your Aunt or Uncle!
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