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Hey all, i've got a few issues with me leon that I'm looking at getting sorted. Was wondering if anyone could give me further insight to help pinpoint what the problem might be.

Firstly, my the air from my air vents smells horrendous, kind of sweaty and musty, ac smells fine its just the usual air fan setting. In addition to this, the passenger side floor appears to be wet. At first I thought my mrs may have just left a bottle of water under the seat that leaked as i found one down there when cleaning one day. But after attempting to dry it out it its still wet and kind of sticky to the touch. Im thinking perhaps the AC draiange pipe is blocked and leaking onto the floor?

Secondly, and this is probably the biggest issue; my leon has always burned through coolant, i have to keep a bottle in the boot on hand to top it up when it needs it. Ive taken it to my local garage before and asked it to be checked for any leaks but its always been tested and nothing has ever come of it. Now I'm starting to smell a sweet smell inside the car as I'm driving it which i think may be coolant. Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be? Is the heater matrix leaking? I had the heater matrix replaced a year or so ago as my AC stopped working.

Cheers all
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