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AblackMarket Aftermarket Xenon Upgrade Kit Review
Author: Neg

To improve visibilty

Costs£249.95 (Forum Discount Price)

Drill, 23mm circular drill bit (something to make a 23mm hole anyway!)
Pair of hands

Time Required
Approx 1hour


1. Removed covers from the rear of the headlights
2. Drilled 23mm holes in each headlight cover
3. Took the bulb and removed the plastic sleave to reveal more wire to pull through the grommet for easier fitment to the headlight
4. Mounted into headlight cover
5. Placing the cover and bulb down by he headlight I put the bulb in place and fitted the securing clip (this was removed whilst fitting the bulb). Connected up the power wires to existing electrics â€" red to red, black to brown
6. Refit the cover pulling a little excess wire back through the grommet
7. Fixed the ballast to the rear of the headlight cover using Velcro and a tie wrap for extra strength and connected up the wires to the ballast.
8. Fitted the nearside bulb in the same manner
9. Mounted the nearside ballast onto the side of the battery cover as I have a cold air feed passing the rear of the light. This again was secured with Velcro. This would have normally been secured to the rear of the headlight.
10. Turned on ignition and switch on the lights to check all was working

Please see here for guide with more pics


Excellent upgrade, one of the best mods I have done to the car. I dont think I will go back to halogen after this.

Thanks to
Robert from

Robert Ablack
Forum Discount - please see for more info/pics/FAQs

Comparison with Philips Blue Vision Ultra H7 Halogens
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