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Hi seat owners world,
I recently had my airbag moduel show as faulty on my seat altea 1.9 tdi (2009).
My local garage fitted a used one of ebay, and then an auto electrician reprogramed it to the car.
All was fine for a few months and now the same fault has come back.
Assuming the 2nd hand moduel was faulty also, i have sourced another one, but i am reluctant to pay the auto electrician any more money to reset/program it again!
Does anyone know what software he would have used? VCDS or similar?
does anyknow know where information on this can be found.
currently the car shows this fault - i assume it is where the moduel is not set up for the car.
J234 No Signal / Communication
Any help greatly appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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