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Hi I am new to the forum only capable of basic diy
I have 2 problems
one is the same problem as 2 other memebers have described before on this forum

1.My 1999 Seat Alhambra 2.o L Auto with 71K milage. after rest and first thing in the morning the drive take some time to come on and when it does I get a massive front jerk and clunk.
Has anybody found a solution? I have not gone to Seat dealer as I have little faith left in their ability and honesty

Three different Auto g/box specialists that I have seen are recommending an overhaul at £1500+vat. All 3 profess to have encountered this problem with sharan,galaxy and Alhambra but all 3 had a different explanation of the cause one of them the last one rejected what the other 2 had said to me.

Please advise if you can. Shall I change the car or repair ? I love these cars and would hate to loose it but replacement cost is my problem

2.This car was 6 months old when it came to me it has had a problem with gear change ever since.

At 20 mph often continues to rev and no gear change takes place until revs reach around 4Kand no ground speed increament takes place this is erratic somtimes worse than others and yet at other times smooth as I would like it.
I have found no association between load and gradient or rate of acceleration. The car has been to Seat Uk in Milton Keynes for tests when it was under warranty but I was fobbed off. some excuse as to how I drive is different to how my partner drives and the fuzzy logic gets confused.

Will be grateful for any comments

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