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right the bodykit on my car is really lettign it all down now and i would like ot get it all properly sprayed again, idealy i want the whole car sprayed but i cant afford that so for now, if i coul djust get the add on bits done, id be happy.
can anyone recomend a sprayer near or arund guildford?
and how much do you think i would be looking at to have an already black front and back bumperr sprayed? the majority of the sanding has been done when i fixed it the other day, but there is still a few marks from stone chips etc, would i get a much cheaper job by sanding it all down so tis perfect again myself?
the back bumper needs soem fibreglass and filler work on the inside of the drivers side arch.
the sideskirts will be brand new in the gel coat they come in.
what sorta money will i be looking at for this? its my birthday soon and depending on cost, i might see if i coudl get my parents to get the front bumper sprayed or somethign liek that, they asked me what i wanted and i really cant think of much.
as said, the whoel car could do with a respray really, wish i could afford it as the paintwork is the only thing lettign it down atm.
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