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The Workshop... Here at Awesome we have been servicing and repairing vehicles of the VAG group since 1989, so have years of valuable expertise.

We can carry out anything from a basic oil and filter service, to an interim service or a full service and all parts used are of Original equipment manufacturer parts.

Our technicians are factory trained and work to the highest level
Current main dealer spec designed workshop
V.A.G. service & diagnostic equipment
4 wheel laser alignment
Air conditioning re-gas

We have a fully air conditioned waiting area where you can view Sky tv, PlayStation or simply relax whilst watching your own vehicle being worked on, or there is a local train station 5 minutes away and with the Trafford Centre 15 minutes away this makes a good day out.

ModelsOil + Filter ChangeFull Vehicle Check12 Month ServiceFull 20k ServiceAir Con ServiceMk1 + Mk2 Golf incl GTIFrom £59£45From £114£135£29.95PoloFrom £59£45From £114£135£29.95Mk3 GolfFrom £59£45From £114£135£29.95Mk4 Golf/Leon/OctaviaFrom £59£45From £114£165£29.95PassatFrom £59£45From £114£165£29.95Audi A3From £59£45From £114£165£29.95Audi A4From £59£45From £114£165£29.95Audi A6From £59£45From £114£185£29.95Audi TT + S3 + LCRFrom £59£45From £114£185£29.95Extras if RequiredUpgrade to Mobil 1 0W/40 Oil£15Brake Fluid Service£59Upgrade to Mobil Motorsport 15W/40 Oil£15Anti-Freeze Replacement£59Engine Oil Flush£10Springs/Shocks + Shocks Replacement£167.50Fuel System Cleaner (Petrol+Diesel)£10Coilover Suspension Fitting£202.50Diagnostics Starting From 1hr Min.£45Cambelt 4cyl ->98 inc tensioner£125Engine Tune£55 1st hour/£45 per extra hourCambelt 4cyl 98-> incl tensioner+w.pump£330Rolling Road Tune£105 1st hour/£45 per extra hourCambelt Inline incl tensioner+w.pump£4354 Wheel Alignment£55 1st hour/£45 per extra hour

Not only do we carry out servicing and repairs, but we carry out a lot of performance upgrades and modifications, this is where Awesome built up its superb reputation not only in the UK but throughout the world.

We have recently taken delivery of our 4wd rolling road, this is not only just used for the performance side of tuning but can also help us to find and rectify that problem that only may happen at higher speeds and not when at idle speeds.

We here at Awesome offer an affordable quality service, we look forward to seeing you in the future. Further Details/Options on our Servicing...

Don’t put clean oil in a dirty engine!
As part of our Service we carry out a full Engine Oil Flush, the reasons for this are listed below.

Removes sludge and dissolves deposits
Frees sticking piston rings and hydraulic lifters
Protects the oil system during flushing
Cleans engines
Prevents contamination of new oil

The charge for this service is £9.99 plus VAT, if you do not wish to have this service just let our service reception know and we will happily remove this from your bill.
Air Conditioning Treatment Service

With nearly every vehicle coming off the production line having air conditioning its no wonder that the manufacturers are looking at this closely, this will certainly be part of a main service in the future. Also the warranty implications will be closely scrutinised, air conditioning on your vehicle is certainly not a maintenance free feature, this needs to be regularly serviced so not to void your warranty and more importantly not to be damaging your health.

Awesome offers as part of an extra service the Airco-clean as recommended by the OEM (original equipment manufacturers).

As stated before more and more cars are being equipped with an air-conditioning system. It is designed to provide a pleasant environment for driving, allowing better concentration on the traffic.

However, air conditioned vehicles often seem to cause irritation to eyes, runny noses and sore throats. These symptoms are often accompanied by an unpleasant odour that can vary in its intensity. Contrary to popular belief, these problems are not caused by temperature variations leading to colds and chills, but by the formation of fungi and bacteria that form on the warm, damp evaporator fins. This provides a perfect environment for the growth of algae, bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms.

The resulting bacteria and smells are blown into the passenger compartment together with the cold air, causing the problems highlighted above.

Benefits of using Air-co clean
Removes pollen and nicotine from the evaporator.
Disinfects and eliminates microbes, fungi and bacteria.
Removes cause of allergic reactions.
Gets rid of unpleasant smells.

This service is an additional service if required, and the charge for this service is £29.95 plus VAT
Diesel Fuel Treatment
A highly concentrated formula incorporating Cerium technology, which provides immediate and long lasting soot reduction and cleaning.

Reduces black smoke, fuel consumption and diesel knock
Improves combustion and engine performance
Cleans and protects the fuel system, injectors and combustion chamber
Compensates for the reduced lubricity of low sulphur diesels
Removes water contamination
Improve cold starting
Improve fuel consumption
Increase performance
Restore lost power
Lubricate the entire fuel system
Prolong the life of the fuel system

Use for heavy clean ups and regular maintenance to improve and enhance your vehicle - Cost £9.99 plus VAT
Petrol Fuel Treatment
A highly concentrated formula that cleans the fuel system and enhances combustion and performance.

Reduces exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and pinking
Improves combustion and engine performance
Cleans and protects the fuel system and combustion chamber
Improve fuel consumption
Increase performance
Restore lost power
Improve cold starting
Lubricate and clean the entire fuel system
Prolong the life of the fuel system

Cost £9.99 plus VAT
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