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I have put together a simple guide below to help people to resize their pics to a size compatible with forum rules.
MAX size should be 600x600
For this guide i'm going to be using Microsoft Picture it 7.
Step 1
Open up Picture it and click on the "open file" icon, or alternatively, right click on the pic you want to post, and select "open with.." and then select "picture it 7".
Step 2
When the picture you want is open, click on "format" on the tool bar at the top of the screen.
Select "Resize image"
Step 3
On the left of the screen by your picture, you will see a list of options.
Select "units" and the menu will drop down. Select "PXL"
The numbers in the columns to the left will automatically change to whatever pixel size your photo is currently at.
Step 4
Type 600 into both columns, and then at the bottom of the screen click "Done"
Step 5
You will now be on the first screen you were on, and your picture may have shrunk in size slightly. It won't have changed much, but it WILL be the correct size.
Now is a good time to auto enhance your pic if you want to. If you think it is good enough, then skip step 6.
Step 6
To enhance your picture, simply click on "touch up" on your tool bar, and click on "Levels auto fix". This normally makes a good improvement to your pics, and is worth doing. If you're not happy with this change, then click "edit" and select "undo".
Step 7
Now all you need to do is save your pic. Either click on the icon of a disc on the tool bar, or select "File" and "save". This will over write the original pic in the size you have just selected.
Step 8
Now all you have to do is post them onto the site. you can either use and link them to the page with the url, or you can load them onto the site from your computer.

Most software has a similair approach to doing the same task, so this guide should help you out should you need it.
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