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just took my car to seat for a service / mot, its failed on emissons i was none to pleased as although it was a 2001 model it was bought from the ame dealer exactly a year ago. to make matters worse they managed to somehow break my bonnet catch so car isnt drivable, on top of this they cant get an o2 sensor till tuesday to get the car through its mot, as they say this is the reason for fail :(.

just wanted to know whats the going rate for a new o2 sensor on a mk3 1.6 ibiza sport? i preparing for the worst as although i have the car on seat service plan (@£20 a month) to cover mot & service i get the feeling they will blame the o2 failure on my k&n induction kit (the filter that goes on the aux air pipe which used to be connected to the old airbox had fallen off, i assume they found it in the undertray, it will be put back so it will pass the mot) am i looking at £150 ish?? no mention of cost yet, end of the day i need the car on the road so its not like i have much choice but i like to be prepared for any discussions, and if they try to charge for the bonnet catch ill politely remind them it has been fine for me, i even had the bonnet up on wednesday and also managed to drive it fine. i think it was broken after the mot whilst they were tracing the problem, as it was not mentioned in 1st phonecall when i was told re the mot, but only when i spoke to the garage later to find out how long this will all take.

fingers crossed seat cover it, other wise its all on the credit card

odd thing is i had no warning light and no loss of performance, but thinking back there has been occasions where the car stalled out pulling away from lights on a cold morning (i put it down to my bad clutch technique/had the aircon on full blast) and even if i took it real easy to restart and pull away it would stalla 2nd or 3rd time.
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