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Good morning everyone, sorry not to use the intro forum first but this is a tad urgent! :shock:

My father (who now lives in Spain) is visiting us this week (FOR ONE WEEK ONLY) and has woken up this morning with a fault on his Ibiza and we dont know what to do!

He bought it second hand in Spain last year. Sorry, I dont know the exact model but it's a 2006 1.9TDI 4 door and is a Spanish plated left hooker.
He's driven all the way from Spain to Cheshire with no probs at all but now in the UK, after just one night of damp (seems suspicious to me!!!!! 8) ) the central locking is playing up. :?

The central locking is clicking like mad at the control box (I presume) under the dash and also at each door.
The indicator lights do not flash when this happens.
I've taken the battery out of the key fob but the car still does it which says to me that the fault is on the car and not due to a dodgy signal from the key fob.

If I turn the engine on and off, it seems to reset the ECU and I can then lock and unlock the car using the fob and as it does so, the indicators also flash as normal, but, after about 20-30 seconds the car starts clicking again. The car can be driven in this state and you can hear the doors/unit clicking but it does not affect the running of the engine.

Any ideas please? Being a pensioner, he's a bit loathed to take it to a UK Seat dealer whilst he's here but personally I don't think he'll have any choice! :? :cry:

Thanks Chaps.
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