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I've had two Ibiza's so far with wrong camber on one side, this happens with kerb impact for example (it needs to be big to affect Camber though as the hub actually bends). You might find the car pulls to one side, even with correct wheel alignment, or visually see the wheel leaning in or out compared to the other side while the car is on level ground.

The front Camber isn't adjustable, except for a small amount if you can move the sub-frame on its bolt fixings (normally a bit of wiggle room). But if its wrong you probably need to replace the suspension leg, consisting of shock absorber and wheel hub.

Here is how I confirm if the camber is wrong.
1. jack up and remove one front wheel.
2. place one ruler across the shoulders on the hub (best to see what I mean in the picture)
3. measure distance from the white part-number label on the shocker to your ruler.

On a 2014 Ibiza FR (1.2 TSI) the correct measurement is 176mm. I think this value will be the same for all Mk4 Ibiza, but I can't be sure.

4. make the same measurement on the other side of the car. In most cases I expect you will have one measuring 176mm, and one with a different value - so this is the one that needs replacing. My last one was 190mm :shock:


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