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I found out last night that somebody has given out some of the information that is in this section.

The whole point of having this section is that we can talk about anything, including whinge about ********* etc etc, if somebody does not like that then all they have to do is be honest and drop me an email etc etc!

I will reiterate that anybody found or allowing non committee members into this section will be removed from the committee immediatly.


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The person that let the information out has come forward to me in an e-mail and I commend them for having the guts and decency to do this.

I have therefore let them stay in the committee.

I have mentioned no name because I dont feel the need to humilate somebody.

Many thanks.

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Please, please, please can we stop all this stuff.

I've just come in all dead excited because I'm taking delivery of a new SEAT in a fortnight and I wanted to share the news with you all...then I read all this stuff.

I know there are problems and things, and I know some things won't ever go away, but I just hate reading all this stuff. I find it quite upsetting. I have always hated hearing of office arguments etc. Maybe I'm too sensitive, I don't know.

Please folks, we don't need this, lets not whinge, lets not write things in the heat of the moment.

Please :(
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