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How do I work out what Dpi an image was scanned at? I need to pick a photo for an Ad - but looking through the ones i've got I can't work out which has the highest resolution??

I think I usually scan at 600dpi ......anything over that is excellent quality!

it's pretty much impossible to know the dpi of the picture, as the picture is usually saved in a compressed format (ie.jpg), so the dpi rate cannot be used. For eg. I save my pics at 1% JPG compression, so a huge pic is about 3meg. If I changed the pic quality to about 20% compression, this may bring it down to about 0.25meg (250k). That's ya indicator.

The best indicator is the file size to get an estimate of the quality. The bigger the file, the less compression has been used to save it, so the better the quality.

Bitmap files are all uncompressed, so the quality will not have changed from an origonal scanning.
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