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Scooby THE Scoobster once again gets out his rhyming stick and beats you with it.. !! (rather than hitting you with my rhythm stick).

It's friday afternoon.... errrrr.. so that would mean the FRIDAY afternoon e-mail poem..

In association with 'Chat Host UK . Com' the friendly and efficient way to IRC...!!! (


Wet for the weekend the weather is poor,
The rain from the sky falling down ever more.
The liquid we like should be filling our glass,
A plentiful supply of booze would be class!

Up for some madness? So get into motion!
Prepare all you’re plans to go drinking your potion!
Set yourself free and get into the feeling,
Take part in the funtime that FRIDAY is dealing… !!

GO GET BONGO’D… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rule No.2: GO GET BONGO'D.. !!!
Rule No.3: SEE RULES No.1 & 2.. !!!!

Have a goodun..

Scoobz......... x

"Don't be Good.. Be Careful".. !!!

2,477 Posts
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In case you wondered... I prepare several poems per week for Radio DJ's and nightclubs for promotional stuff... usually involves going clubbing, drinking booze and have a mental time..

Just thought I would post the FRIDAY afternoon e-mail one on here... gives you the clear rules for a weekend...


Have a great weekend y'all..
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