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hi all! havent posted on the seat site since it all got re-vamped and moved etc, so hello again!

dont know if anyone remembers but i bought my ibiza in june 2006 and from day one the passenger and driver door locks didnt work via the key!

well nearly ten months on i still havent had it fixed hehe. apparently its a common fault on these and i went to seat, bought the little paddle, the spring etc etc took it all apart and noticed the inside of the handle housing had broke away too meaning i need a new handle, but wouldnt i anyway to house the new lock bits? as the design had changed from the original crappy ones? anyway.....

can anyone post a link on how to fix it all or give me any advice, because i dont even know if i need to change the lock barrel or how it would be done or if i need a new lock barrel with keys etc, my heads farting now!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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