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I have an odd issue with my SEAT Ibiza 1.4 Mk5 2007 (Petrol engine: BXW) which has a milage of ~160 000 km(100 000 miles). At random times when driving the car, it loses power for ~1 second and then the power will come back. When the loss of power occurs I’ve noticed a repeating pattern: a relay clicks beneath the steering wheel and the RPM drops on the tachometer. For example, when cruising at 100km/h and 2900 rpm, the rpm can drop down to 1500 and then go back to 2900 within ~1 second. The velocity indicator will stay the same.

The car runs fine otherwise (excluding this issue). I have driven the car daily with this issue for >1 year and thus far I haven't been stranded. But whenever the issue occurs, I feel very uncomfortable. I would say that the issue occurs most of the times during acceleration, but it can occur at low velocities and low rpms as well. Sometimes I can drive for long distances without the issue occurring at all, and at some instances the issue will occur many times. A cold/hot engine does not seem to make any difference.

Every time the issue occurs, I get the fault code 16400/P0016 (Crankshaft Position – Camshaft position correlation Bank 1 Sensor A). On rare occasions I get Check Engine Light as well (have only occurred about 3 times on >1 year).

I have performed the following actions, and it did not resolve the issue:
  • Camshaft sensor replaced
  • Crankshaft sensor replaced.
  • I have inspected that the camshafts and crankshaft are in correct sync.
  • Inspected timing belt; seems to be tight and in good condition. It was replaced at ~130 000 km(80 000 miles).
  • Engine oil and oil filter replaced.
  • Fuel filter replaced.
  • Throttle body and engine air filter cleaned.
  • Car battery has ~12.53 Volts when not started. I did not check the voltage with the engine running, but I haven’t had any issues starting the car. Thus, I assume the battery and alternator are fine.
  • I have inspected all the fuses, all seems to be OK.
  • Relay 109 (OEM: 1J0 906 381A) replaced. Apparently, this relay can be a culprit.
  • I switched positions of the 3x relay 53 (see figure below). This did not make a difference.
  • Font Urban design Circuit component Engineering Advertising

Source of relay information: link

I haven't changed ignition coils / spark plugs / fuel pump / ECU.

I am running out of ideas what causes the issue. Help please!!
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