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Hi all

I noticed when reading through the Mii brochure that the extended warranty is only available at the time of ordering. As I wasn't offered it at the time of ordering I contacted the dealer who confirmed that it was no longer possible to add it on and there was nothing they can do. They said I would be offered the opportunity to extend it towards the end of the standard period but this will be a lot more expensive. Seat UK social media response was pretty useless as usual.

Is it worth me chasing Seat UK about this? It's really annoying as I wouldn't have even known about it had I not been having a look through the brochure online. I don't get it. I would have thought dealers would be on commission to sell these policies as they probably make them loads of money! Seems even more ridiculous given the car hasn't even been built yet!

There have been a few issues reported with the 2020 Mii so they extended warranty would give some peace of mind.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks very much
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