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Well hello everyone!
Tonight's special challenge question is a variation of the Flashing Glow Plug Light question. I have seen a few of these around and folks seem to associate it with brake switch or brake light bulbs. However, all 3 brake lights are working just fine.

Here's the scenario...

Fairly randomly and unpredictably, the glow plug light will start flashing.
Braking has no effect on this, so unrelated to brake electrics probably.

However, if I take my foot off the accelerator, the light goes off for a while. It will start again but every time, it is stopped by lifting off.

If the engine is idling, in neutral and the light starts flashing, a light tap and off, on the gas will stop it. Though I need to take it up over 1200rpm for it to work.

Unlikely to be related to the pedal itself, as if it comes on under cruise control, then switch cruise off, effectively coming off the gas, will stop the flashing. Same as going downhill or rapidly decreasing the cruise speed.

Overall, it seems it's not an effect of fuel flow, as it will happen under all circumstances. But the act of coming off the gas, even if it means going on the gas first, will stop the flashing at least temporarily.

Any offers?
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