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Sorry if this is going over some old ground but need to get this straight in my head before I go any further!!!

I only have one key for my Leon TDi 52 plate, the 2 button straight blade key. In order to prevent me getting locked out of my car if I lose it I want to get another key. As I will be buying/modifying a new key I want a nice VW flip one. I have read several links about doing this. Can anyone shed light on the following:-

1) Will any 2 or 3 button VW key work (with new transponder and blade) if it is 433/4 MHz? Will the 3 button one actually work the boot or will the button become useless? Is there a certain type (VW Model) which must be used? Planning on using EBay to source one.

2) Can anyone confirm the transponder chip model as I dont have the spare key to rob this out of.

3) Once I have the new blade cut can the Seat Stealer (sorry dealer) perform all of the programming (alarm and immobiliser) for me as I dont have the SKC for the car as long as I provide all documentation to show I own it and does anyone know approximately how much the Stealer will charge me for this?

Many Thanks.....
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