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Fitted a Forge short shift changer to my Mk2 Leon TFSi about a week ago. Time for reflection.
Fitting was remarkably easy once I had removed the air intake to improve access. That was the fiddliest bit as there is a very strong spring clip to be removed.
My tip here is to compress the clip with a pair of vice grips but make sure you do not release the grips until you have replaced the clip.
Once you have access, follow the very clear instructions ...... it should not take you more than 5 mts.
The amount of reduction in movement is adjustable while the unit is in situ and is very easy. I tried the full 40% reduction but found it to be just too short so I finally settled for about a 30% reduction. The change is very precise and all in all a worthwhile mod easily within the capabilities of the average DIY mechanic.
In conclusion, a well made changer with the added benefit of adjustability, good clear instructions and at about £70 ish, very good value.
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