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Failure to abide by the rules and conditions of the SEAT Car Club forum may result in different causes of action.

This includes the removal of the offending post, thread, image, avatar or signature.

If a problem persists the SEAT Car Club moderator's team will issue you with a warning.

If this is not complied with or you cause a serious problem you will be banned from the forum.

The moderators decisions are final and they have the power to act on behalf of the SEAT Car Club to ensure the smooth running of the forum, and that the above conditions are complied with by you, the forum user.

They are here to ensure the forum is suitable for all users and to make sure that the club is kept safe from any actions resulting from unsuitable postings.

The moderators have the right to edit or remove any materials as they see fit. These rules apply to all section of the forums. It is at the moderator's discretion whether to inform the original poster for the editing or removal of any thread.

There is a function for you to report any posts that as a user you see unfit.

Please report any such posts or threads to the moderators using this function of the forum. They will then address the situation accordingly.

The moderators of SEAT Car Club Forums have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

This forum is primarily designed to be a source of information for club members, and also people with an interest in the SEAT Car Club.

All users should use it in accordance with rules. We reserve the right to delete any item posted on here that may conflict with the views of the SEAT Car Club. Any posts/threads or users contravening these rules may be moderated at the discretion of the SEAT Car Club Moderating team.

Moderators complete a thankless task on the SEAT Car Club forum and abuse of any Moderator will not be tolerated. If you are asked to edit or change something and have been given a reason then please carry this out, if you have been warned or have a broken a rule then this will be explained to you by a Moderator and is not there to be questioned. Once a Moderator has sent you a decision they will not reply to you.

The moderator's decision is final. Please accept their decisions. If you have a problem with this, feel unfairly treated/ warned or banned please email [email protected]

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The forum is moderated by a team of volunteers who give up their own time to complete what is sometimes a thankless task.

All Forum Administrators and Forum Moderators have a set code of conduct to follow and you are asked to respect the job that they do.

If you are found to be abusive or question a Forum Administrator or Forum Moderator then you can have your account suspended immediately and without notification.

If you have a complaint about a Forum Administrator or Forum Moderator then you are to send an e-mail to [email protected] and state the name of the person that you are complaining about and the nature of your complaint. If you are found to be posting complaints about the said Forum Administrator or Forum Moderator on the forum then the post will be removed and your account suspended without notification.

Forum Administrators and Forum Moderators will review messages on a daily basis and any that are found to be in violation of SEAT Car Club rules may be deleted without warning or explanation. SEAT Car Club also reserves the right to ban any user at any time without explanation.

If you have been moderated you will know via the following ways:

1. Your post will have been moved
2. You will see a deletion notice with reference to the relevant rule
3. Your post will have been closed with reference to the relevant rule
4. You will receive a Private Message or Email from an Administrator

All of the rules have been numbered and you will only have to either follow the link that you have been given or go to the rules section of the forum and read the relevant rule number that you have been given.

For instance:

You have been moderated for abuse

You will be given a link to the rules regarding Forum Behaviour Policy on the forum or you will be told "please read rule X.1"

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Moderators and Admin will no longer be drawn into discussions on the forum such as "who is the best tuner" or "what do you think of that company"

They will just point you in the right direction of what you may be asking for.

If a moderator has warned you or asked you to do something on the forum and you reply, they will not reply and start a long and drawn out argument or defend the actions as they are asked to complete a task and thats all they are there for.

Moderators are here to moderate and not to have personal opinions or get into arguments with members.
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