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Rear bushes are shot on the ibiza:banghead2:

got up to the garage in durham and one the lads came out for drive with me in the ibiza and once it started making the nocking noise and we got back to the garage got underneath the car and said the drivers rear bush completely shot and the passenger side one on its way out...

so thats next wednesday morning driving up to durham dropping my car off and collecting courtsy car for the day:)

and my so called rear windscreen wiper problem the tube had once again popped off and was again put back on and the guy told me if i used seat screen wash:censored: it wouldnt happen so i got some just to see if its true lol wasnt any more expensive than stuff normally is so didnt bother me

i also got a new chrome centre grille as i have a new debadged one on order and does anyone want the chrome side grills as i dont want them and someone can have them off me for summit daft:)

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