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Hello to all,

I think that at the moment I am going to have a think about what I want to do and where I want to go with the site etc etc and also to try and sort my own life out.

I will be honest in saying that I have been deeply upset by some of the actions of some people that I know on here and it has taken a lot out of me and I now need to decide what I will do with the committee and how to run it in the future etc etc.

The decision about the future of the site is ultimatly mine, but I would like to discuss it individually with all of you so that things can hopefully be worked out for the better of the site.

I think that I have had a lot to cope with by myself and people may not realise exactly how much

Pete ............... please ring me as I need to talk to you!

I will be open in the opinion that when i started this committee it was too big and I can now see that it is a mistake to do that and it needs to be slimmed down to the people that are able to give the time that It needs.

The rest we still need and do a bloody good job of doing sections on the site and also moderating should go into a Moderators Group and be kept sep to the major running of the site.

I will chat more about this to Pete and have a think about the future.

Many thanks.
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