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Yip, got back from a nice long weekend down south, only to wake up next morning with the starting of the flu. been in bed since last Friday afternoon through till last night. Literally havent moved out of it..

Anyway, before got the flu took the car for a wee drive down to Midlands- swadlincote. That M6 is nuts!!!lol.. my mate and I tailed each other down- him in is 52plate leon cupra (170bhp think it is) and me obviosuly in mine. tell you, his car can shift. far as I know its standard but I couldnt keep up with him when he was pulling away from standing start..He does tend to screw the **** of his cars though, so he was probably using every bit of power through each of the gears, but even still. was well impressed with how quick his car was..
5 hours from Glasgow to Burton on trent and then 6 hours back up cause I was trying to keep to speed limit
The new tomtom Go710 got a test to. Didnt let me down I have to say. Good buy for anyone looking for a good satnav..

Anyway, back to my beechams, Penicillan, cough medcine and my
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