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Since last year we have continued to have various issues with Sat Nav and the infotainment system switching itself off and on again. This was particularly bad at the end of Feb going anti clockwise on the M25 until we finally stopped for 25 mins and could switch the engine off. It also played up on the return trip with the SOS light coming on with airbag light on as well for awhile and eventually sat nav completely went weird as well but at least we knew the route anyway so didn’t stop.
The car had a software update on 22 March although our chassis number wasn’t on the recall notice. Also a new ECU was also put on order. The software update seemed to cure it for just over 3 weeks then we started getting a few minor issues and then the infotainment switched itself off and on again 3 times in 30 minutes while we were on holiday in south Devon. Luckily the car was already booked in to get the new ECU unit fitted on our return from holiday. Since then the car has only been driven locally on 4 days with no issues so far but it’s too soon to say if it’s really cured the problem.
We always have the radio tuned into DAB as the only alternative is AM and have been told that this may be causing the infotainment to switch itself off and on in certain areas.
We know from driving our previous LEON that we had for 6 years occasionally DAB radio would go off when reception was poor in certain areas but of course on the newer LEON everything seems to be linked to the Infotainment. We don’t use the mobile in the car as our Smart phone is very old and slow so cannot comment on how Seat connect would behave. We are still in communication with the Seat executive office and definitely won’t be closing our case with them just yet as we need more time to road test the new ECU unit to see if has really resolved our issues. With hindsight if we’d known back in October 2020 that we’d still be having issues in April 2022 we would probably have kept our old LEON or bought a non VAG new car!
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