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Hi all noob here. It seems this is the year for my ‘06 Alhambra to start having issues…

so far I’ve had a wheel bearing done and 4 new disks and pads. Still to go is a CV boot and some under carriage welding:eek:.

This one is annoying me though… on a cold start, something is producing a knockand ticks. It’s only when cold after the engine is warm you don’t here it again.

Now it’s coming from the opposite side to the belt so I’m assuming it’s not the CAM belt, but does anyone have any ideas?

I do have a video of the noise, but I’m not sure how to share it, so if anyone could enlighten me there that would be ace too!

It’s a ‘06 1.9 Alhambra and has 211,000 on the clock.
I want to keep the car for another 12 to 18 months so really want to repair what needs doing.

Thanks to everyone in advance!
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