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I'm changing my Cam belt on a 02 Plate Leon TDi. Having read both the haynes manual and the trade am Belt Book manual, it describes slackening both the Cam Belt Sprocket and the Injector Pump Sprocket (obviously both the Cam and the Injector pump are locked off by this point). My question is why do you have to slacken off these sprockets? I can see no benifit to it. The only possible reason is to re adjust taking into account slight stretch in the old belt, but surely this is the whole point of the Tensoiner pully?

Any experience on this would help.

Have other people done this, or have you simply done a like for like swap.

I realise it's going to be a long job, and there's so much to remove to get to the Cam Belt and it's covers.

Any other useful bits of advice that isn't in any of the books?
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