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I was a bit naughty just a min ago, I gave a cop in an Octavia RS a traffic light race...oops!

Picture the scene, He's at the lights, I'm coming down the street.
I slow down but the lights go green so I let momentum give me a head start...cop goes, goes wide, takes some of my lane up forcing me onto other side of road.
I floor it, so does he, we are level up to a point (remember my car is quite torquey for a 1.3 and weighs less than a ton!) and then I realise what I'm doing and what I'm racing...i slow it down, he burns off, slows as he's got a car ahead but has about 3 cars length on me to overtake that car and steal my lane. He waits til I pass and then comes behind me.
I decide to be good this time and stick to the limits...he sticks behind me for 5 miles at the limits on dead roads...anyone else would've overtaken me.

I am pretty sure he was a cop, noone else wouldve changed their route home to follow a Polo and also you wouldnt follow it at the normal speeds...I was very lucky to escape anything as normally cops round here will pull you over for having wonky badges or something like that.

Must be good...must be good!

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