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MG/Rover is back :baffled5wh:

MG is back in production as the first of the new Chinese-built models roll off the production line in Nanjing.

Accompanied by music from the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and images of Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, the MG7 saloon (which is a tweaked Rover 75 and MG TF) headed for the garages of its new Chinese owners.

The cars cost from £11,800 in China, and Nanjing Auto is confident it will sell 200,000 models per year, with overseas sales boosting these figures.

The vehicles are easily recognised as the previous Rover models, which is unsurprising because the new Nanjing factory uses the tooling bought from the British company when it collapsed in 2005.


Glad to see they have gone to lots of effort to restyle/rebrand them:p:
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