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Hi all, new to the forum and hope someone can help?
I have a Altea XL 2012 and noticed that the drivers seat lumber adjustment knob has fallen out of the side of the seat. The cable for the lumber support is hanging out of the seat. I can see that the cable slots into a grove and locks into a shaft attached the back of the knob to stop it pulling out. The real problem is how does one push and lock in place the whole of the knob back into the side of the seat? It looks as if the knob with the cable needs to be pushed into the side of the seat and then locked in place? the trouble is there is not the distance between the shaft holding the cable and what looks like a fitting in the seat to lock it in place without somehow compressing the side of the seat by about four inches to reach the internal lumber support fitting Gas Tints and shades Table Circle Darkness
. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks Micki a
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