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Hello guys, first post here.

I bought a Seat Altea s 2010 1.9tdi 5 days ago. I noticed that it has always had a yellow engine bulb and a red battery light illuminated when the ignition is turned to accesories but I have not started the engine. Initially when turning to accesories all the lights flash up I assume as a test for us to see that the bulbs are working, then there is a second stage of lights before the engine is started. When the engine is started both the battery light and the yellow engine light (which I believe is an emmisions warning) disappear and stay off.
First question is why are these present and what does it mean?
After seeing these I plugged in my ANCEL VD500 OBD II Diagnostic tool that is designed to include vag systems and it couldnt find any error codes.
After driving it I found that a few times I stalled it fairly easily (could have been my driving) and when trying to restart the engine I noticed the battery light was then illuminated in red and the car would not start the engine, I could hear the starter motor trying about 10 times but no luck, however when I turned off the ignition waiting a few seconds and tried again it got going.

Perhaps the battery is a bit low?

I checked out the fuse boxes as I wanted to make sure that everything was present. In the engine compartment box I found that fuses 14 "coil" and fuses 21 "Lambda probe" were not present, should they be present?
I know very little about cars but expected these would be present in all models.

When looking at the cab fuse box below the steering wheel I found that the following fuses which I thought maybe should be present are not: 26 "vacuum pump", 48 "convenience controls", 49 "heating controls" should these be present?

I thought I would ask people who know about these things as I don't know enough and I dont understand the differences in configuration among the various years and models. Any help would be fantastic. I tried adding photos of the fuses but I couldnt get the file size small enough, I triple checked the missing fuses though.

It is worth mentioning that the mot garage I bought it from gave me a 3 month basic RAC warranty, So I can get them to fix issues soon.


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Hi Dan
I wouldn't worry about missing fuses my 2012 1.6 tdi has some missing as well I think it's for extras that are not fitted
The red and yellow lights do the same on mine and I've had the car 3 years so I think that's normal
The stalling? Well if you have hill start like mine it will be that cause it works all the time hills or on the flat as the car doesn't know where it is
Hope you can understand and hope it helps you
Regards Stephen
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