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Hi, just wondering if anyone had any experience of the Superchip for the 1.8T 2001 model! Is it a good chip to go for? Also what are the Bailey dump values like? Will it have any adverse effects on the idle and general running of my car? and is it better to go for a performance panel filter rather than an induction type due to the excessive heat the engine gives off?

Cheers people

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Welcome to the site ;)

I dont think that any of us are running the superchips but there are people running:


So these peeps will come in and I am sure sell them to death for you.

Chungster is Oettinger's Sales Person (lol)
Whelme is Jabbasports Salesman (lol)
I am doing the new Impossible switchable re-map as well

I have a Bailey Recirc DV to trial at the moment but we havent used it yet.
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