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Hi everyone. I’ve never really done the ‘forum thing’ but here goes…
I’m here for my son. He passed his test a couple of years ago and bought himself a Seat Ibiza 1.0L. Nice size car for him, but also a teeny little engine so he can afford the insurance! (But that’s a story of extortion for another day!) Anyway, long story short, one of his front shock springs snapped. So, being the Dad, told him: “Get 2 new springs, and two new wishbones and we’ll get it sorted…
Now for the REAL reason I’m here… I/we cannot find ANY springs for love or money ANYWHERE!!! We even tried Seat themselves who said: “Sorry we don’t make them anymore, but here’s the part no. from when we did” Nice…

So the part no. is: 6R0411105AB

There are springs kites on the bay, but all have different letters at the end.:rolleyes:

Hopefully someone will put us out of our misery and say: “Ha. Common thing. Just use these. Happens all the time” 🤞🏻
Cheers in advance! 🙌🏻
Oh also. I thinks it’s a J2 maybe…??? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
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