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Ok - Oil pressure light came on while driving down the motorway. Immdiately dipped the clutch and the engine stalled. Coasted to a stop and tried to turn the engine over briefly. It did about half a turn before stopping (sounded like a dead battery but not the case).

checked the oil level and it was fine. Done a bit of research on here and it points towards two things

1) Broken oil pump
2) Blocked scavenge pipe.

I had a quick look at the car this morning. It started fine but now there is a tapping noise from the head (but no oil pressure light, probably because the oil was cold and the engine only idling).

I am going to drain the sump and remove it tomorrow, and check the scavenge pipe. What I need to know is how big a job is it to change the oil pump? I am a competent mechanic, so is it possible to do on a set of axle stands in my garage?

And how much do they normally retail for?
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