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I have seat Ibiza 2004 6l MK 4 1.2 - 3 cylinder
For the past two months, I have been getting checked engine flashing code P0302.
This usually happens when the engine is cold or when I am at a traffic light.
When I stand at the traffic light the idle goes up and down several times and then stabilizes.

Things I did/checked/replaced:

-I replaced high quality sparking plug - (all 3).
-I replaced spark plug coils (all 3).
-I did a cylinder compression test :
cylinder 1: 115 psi
cylinder 2: 115 psi
cylinder 3: 160 psi
(I know the results are not ideal but it seems to me that in relation to the engine at the age of 16-17 years it is fine).
-I replaced a MAP sensor - original from Bosch.
-I checked the spark plugs and they are oil-free.
-I checked and cleaned the throttle.
-EGR valve + gaskets were replaced a year ago.
-I checked as much as possible for a vacuum leak and found nothing.
-I checked the PCV valve.
-I replaced injectors + injectors rail.
-Air filter + oil filter + and oil was replaced on time and checked all the time.
-I checked the cables of the coils, the cables of the MAP sensor and the cables of the injectors and everything is fine.
-02 Sensors - Replaced half a year ago (Top and bottom).
-I replaced the camshaft sensor.

Two days ago I disconnected the MAP sensor and the car drove much better.
Still the idle was not so stable at stop time but much less than when the MAP sensor is connected.
I did not get the normal Misfire P0302 code but a bad MAP sensor code (this is because the sensor is not connected).

Could it be that the MAP sensor I bought is not good? Although I think the odds are low.
What else can I do?

I do not know what I can do anymore and I'm pretty desperate.

Many thanks in advance to those who will help me!
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