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Just spoke to a guy whoes is hopefully gonna spray the scratches out of my Ibiza! Basically the scratch is gonna get painted on bother the passengers sides doors (5dr Ibiza :D ) and he's hopefully gonna buff the scratch out on the rear quarter part on the passengers side and on the drivers door. Hes quoted me about £150. He was recommended to me by my uncle who has known the guy for years he says but just want to make sure it sounds right and im not getting ripped off! Which i dont think i am!

Also my gears are getting pretty sticky lately and i have to kinda gentle force them in! Does this mean i need a new gear box (GOD FORBID!) or is it the Clutch? Its been kinda worring me!

ALSO im taking my car to get MOT'd tomorrow morning and i've got a K&N 57i Induction kit on it, it will still pass the MOT right!

Cheers :D
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