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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, however after speaking with SEAT I've got part numbers and prices for the bumpstrips adn door mouldings that might benefit a few members!:laugh8kb:

front bumper right strip-1M0807226DB41-£22.50
front bumper left strip-1M0807225DB41-£22.50

front door strip right-1M0853516GB41-£17.81
front door strip left-1M0853515GB41-£17.81
rear door strip right-1M0853536GB41-£14.95
rear door strip left-1M0853535GB41-£14.95

rear bumper trim left-1M6807425BB41-£19.83
rear bumper trim right-1M6807426BB41-£19.83

this lot totals 150.18 and is inclusive of VAT :cool: This is from a normal SEAT dealership, our Ted Johnson discount may offer these less than the prices I've quoted.
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